A Completely True Story about Writing My First Blog Post

What I should have done today: studied for the two exams I have coming up this week that I have yet to study for.

What I actually did: Drank Starbucks, designed this blog, and read more articles than I’d like to admit about writing your first blog post (Yes, that actually happened). The first article I read had three easy steps to writing a blog: be yourself, don’t be afraid of grammar, and be nice. After reading that, I was pretty confident about my ability to write a blog post. Not to brag too much, but I’m pretty skilled at all of those things.

The next post that came up in Google had 15 tips for writing a blog. 15! Way too many! I decided to just read the first one. First would be most important right? What it said: 1. patience and perseverance. Well… I guess I’ll have to work on that…

Feeling pretty defeated, I decided that I would read one more post. I clicked on one and it was about a million pages long (ok, maybe just three). Prefect time for me to practice my patience. No. I didn’t even read it. I guess patience will have to wait for another day.

The last post that I read (i.e. skimmed… ok actually only read one line of) said that the best way to write a blog post is to lock yourself in a room and just write it. Yeah right! Definitely not happening, but I did “lock” myself in Starbuck. Is that close enough? I think it probably is. Maybe this article had more wisdom to offer, but like I said I only read that line. Hopefully, the rest of it said things like “must forsake all homework for blog” and “must read lots of how to write blog posts.” If it did, which I think is highly likely, I’m golden. The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that, that’s exactly what it said. So, despite my lack of patience, I think that my blog is bound to be a success.

Percent homework done this weekend 0%

Percent blog completed 100%

At least something got done?


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