Judgment Is What We Deserve

It’s often hard for me to believe that what I deserve from God is judgment. I lead a fairly normal life. I go to school, work, and church, managing to avoid doing anything “really bad” in the process. However, despite my inability to recognize it, the reality is judgment is what I deserve.

The book of Isaiah, in particular chapters 2 and 3, speak of the judgment we all deserve.  They are about the Israelites, God’s people, who turned away from God and then consequently suffer His wrath and judgment.

Looking at chapters 2 and 3, I can better understand how much I actually do deserve God’s judgment. The sins listed in these chapters (pride, finding security in things other than God, arrogance) aren’t necessarily the “big” sins that come to mind when I think of things that should result in judgment.  They are, however, still the ones that bring disaster upon the Israelites (3:11) and cause God to take away their supply and support (3:1). When I look at my life in light of Isaiah 2 and 3, I start to better understand that I am not as good as I often believe I am. I really do deserve God’s judgment.

Pride, arrogance, finding security in things other than God, those are the sins that cause God to turn away from His people. They are also sins that I very frequently commit. They are present in my life daily, and consequently I deserve the same judgment that the Israelites suffer throughout the book of Isaiah.

This realization could make me really depressed, but luckily it doesn’t. Because, even though I can see that I deserve judgment, like God eventually did for the Israelites in Isaiah, He gives me grace.  Because he sent Jesus to die for my sins his “free gift leads to [me] being made right with [Him], even though [I am] guilty of many sins” (Romans 5:16).

Instead of being depressed and feeling guilty, because I know I deserve judgment, I can be grateful and rejoice, because I know that even though I deserve judgment Jesus took that judgment on himself when He died.  So, now, instead of judgment there is forgiveness.



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